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ICYMI: Calvinist Documentary Film

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So what could be better than a new publication on Calvinism by John Piper, R.C. Sproul, or John MacArthur? Well, if there is a right answer, it would be this: a film on the same subject. That's exactly what Les Lanphere, film maker and co-host of the ReformedPubcast, is seeking to accomplish. The film's KickStarter campaign explains the project this way: A film seeking to explain Calvinism, celebrate its recent resurgence, and to answer the question, "What's next?".    For more details about the film, be sure to check out the trailer below. You can also become a backer of this project.

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6 Areas of Agreement in the Hell Debate

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Any time you discuss an issue of great importance, there can be a tendency to oversimplify the issues, exaggerate the differences, and fail to appreciate the areas of agreement. In discussions concerning the doctrine of hell, there is, generally speaking, more heat than light. While the chasm can be wide and varied between evangelicals on this topic, there are some major points of agreement between Bible-believing “traditionalists” (those who affirm the traditional teaching of hell as eternal conscious torment) and Bible-believing “conditionalists” (those who affirm the hellfire will ultimately destroy the finally impenitent, they will cease to exist). The fact that...

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