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Pictures of Christ in the Song of Solomon

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The following is extracted from a recent reprint of Hudson Taylor's, Union and Communion: Reflections on the Song of Solomon. *   *   * Throughout most of the history of the Church, the Song of Solomon has been treated primarily as an allegory of Christ’s love for His bride, the Church, and of God’s love for His people. Hudson Taylor, noted Christian missionary to China, similarly expressed this view and penned a small book to unfold the symbols and imagery found in Solomon’s love poem. In so doing, he sets forth in plain language the deep truths of the believer’s personal...

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Do you have a love for reading? Do you enjoy Christian classics? Better yet, do you love free stuff? If so, here is an excellent opportunity for you.  FirstLove Publications provides free books and literature to individuals, conferences, seminars, bible colleges & seminaries, and churches in the United States, as well as foreign countries such as Canada, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, and India.  FirstLove Publications prints and distributes biblical literature for the purpose of: promoting and preserving the true gospel of Christ; increasing the knowledge of Christ in believers; teaching the deity, centrality, and supremacy of Jesus Christ over all; preserving the church's first...

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