The Crook In the Lot: God’s Sovereignty and Wisdom Displayed In Our Afflictions

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Originally published in 1737, this book continues to bring comfort and inspire countless souls, as it remains one of the most beloved of all Puritan classics. Its depth and explanation surrounding the reality about God’s role in our afflictions and sufferings is without equal. Thomas Boston, Puritan extraordinaire, was famous for his ability to communicate sound biblical truths in a way that conveyed clarity and insight. In this Puritan classic, Boston reveals not merely a theological understanding of the problem of pain and suffering but also preaches from real, tangible experiences. Boston himself, much like the apostle Paul, had thorns in his own flesh that caused him much emotional and physical troubles. And his attitude toward those afflictions is something we must emulate ourselves. In this small book, Boston relays his own advice that remains as true and relevant today as when it was first written. Here is a must-read for any Christian who has ever experienced affliction, pain, or suffering.

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1517117825
132 pages

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