The Biblical Case Against Infant Baptism
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The Biblical Case Against Infant Baptism

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Is the practice of infant baptism unscriptural?  
According to missionary Cliff Hellar, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. In this massive work on the subject of baptism, Hellar explores the biblical evidence for infant baptism and interacts extensively with many of infant baptism’s most popular authors and their arguments. In so doing, Hellar addresses a number of related doctrines that directly impact baptism such as the church, its members, original sin, imputation, and many more.  
In that quest, Hellar concludes that paedobaptism, the practice of baptizing infants, is a “major error” that makes an assault on a number of key important Christian doctrines. 
Here is an extensive work on the subject that is worthy of consideration, regardless of which side you support on this theological issue. Here is a must-have for any person who wishes to explore the subject of baptism in greater detail.

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