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Holy in Christ: 31 Days to Spiritual Transformation

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There is not in Scripture a word more distinctly Divine in its origin and meaning than the word “holy”. There is not a word that leads us higher into the mystery of Deity, nor deeper into the privilege and the blessedness of God’s children. And yet it is a word that many Christians have never studied or understood.  
In this 31-day devotional, Murray sets out to reveal in what sense God uses the word, that so it may mean to us what it means to Him. Tracing this word through the most important passages of Holy Scripture where it occurs, Murray explains in great detail what God’s holiness is, what ours is to be, and the way by which we attain it. In his matchless writing style that evokes great passion for God, Murray reveals to us the importance of being holy, the knowledge of how we are to be holy, the joy that we may be holy, and, perhaps most importantly, the faith that we can be holy.  
In just a few minutes in day, you can certainly be changed fundamentally and forever from a visitation of the Spirit and the power of holiness upon you. A must-read for every Christian believer looking to be more like Jesus.

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