Sketches of Church History During the First Six Centuries
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Sketches of Church History During the First Six Centuries

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J. C. Robinson, nineteenth-century theologian and professor of church history at King’s college in London, produced a multi-volume series on Church History that was widely praised for its breadth and scholarship. This is a condensed work of his masterpiece, focusing on the first six centuries of the church age, up to the life of Pope St. Gregory the Great. Robinson achieved success in his efforts to bring copious amounts of information and profound scholarship to a book that proved to be well-suited for laypersons and students of church history. In so doing, he distills the essence of the historical message and presents the most compelling information of the first six centuries in the life of the church in a way that thoroughly readable and altogether interesting.  
Here is an excellent summary of the early centuries of the Christian church from one of the leading authorities of the nineteenth century on ecclesiastical history. Though published more than a century ago, his book remains a top choice to introduce interested people to the struggles and formation of the early Christian church. This book is both readable and informative and is a must-have in your collection on the history of the church.

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