The New Testament and Its Message: A Survey
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The New Testament and Its Message: A Survey

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The New Testament and Its Message is an attempt to capture in but a few pages the history, the events, the people, and the Person as they converged in the first century to change man’s relation to God forever. We enter into a middle eastern bazaar, a bustling, dusty crossroads with all its sights, sounds, and intrigue. It is a crossroads in every aspect: between the Messiah and His Church; between Jewish and Greek cultures; between peace and persecution, past and future, tradition and Truth, timidity and triumph (and even superhuman courage); between the wisdom of man as represented in the ruling authorities of the day and the wisdom of God emblazoned through the Holy Spirit upon the unlikely heroes—fishermen and a once-blinded Pharisee.

The central figure is the carpenter’s Son, revealed to the world in these pages of Scripture as the King of kings. Today as then, we can know Him personally as Jesus—our Savior, our Lord, and our God!

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