A Time of Terror: A Christian’s Response to Tribulation
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A Time of Terror: A Christian’s Response to Tribulation

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With the rise of militant Islam, many Christians are looking for a way to escape tribulation. False hope has been found in the Rapture theory. Despite the widespread teaching of Dispensationalism concerning the Rapture, despite its popularity in books and movies, the Bible teaches that tribulation will come to those who follow Christ. The Lord has prayed for the Father not to take Christians out of the world, so any hope of escape by Rapture is counter to the known prayer of Jesus.  
In this primer on Dispensationalist theology, Dr. Murrell shows us how we can be prepared for tribulation by having faith in God, being willing to suffer for the cause of Christ, and knowing the promises of the Lord.  
This book is designed to expose, with contemporary examples, the error of Rapture belief while giving hope for the future.

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