Future Punishment: As Expressed In The New Testament
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Future Punishment: As Expressed In The New Testament

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The Bible is not silent regarding the ultimate fate of the wicked. In both Testaments of Scripture, the language regarding God’s judgment upon the finally impenitent is declared to be that of bringing the subjects of his wrath to an end with such language as “death,” “destruction,” “perishing,” “corruption,” to name just a few. Such phrases as “endless woe” and “endless misery” are not found in the pages of Scripture. But does that mean the Bible does not teach the concept of eternal misery and woe? Can the Bible be read in such a way that gives credence to the idea of eternal conscious torment? Should we interpret Old and New Testament words and phrases to mean something more than what a plain reading of the text would have us believe? 
In this work on the New Testament and punishment, author and theologian Edward White explores the original language in detail to discover if there is some secret code behind the language of death and destruction or if the warning passages in the Bible should be taken at face value. White additionally explores the doctrine of Second Death, the early church’s understanding of key passages on punishment, and explores the doctrine of Universalism as it relates to the biblical teaching on sin and final punishment.  
This is a must read for any student of the Bible or anyone wanting to experience a deeper, fuller understanding of the debate over the duration and nature of future punishment.

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