God Almighty: Sermons on Sovereignty from Romans 9
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God Almighty: Sermons on Sovereignty from Romans 9

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All Christians concede that God is sovereign over all, but what about the individual actions of mankind? And, more specifically, what about mankind’s salvation? That is to ask, what is God’s role in the salvation of his created beings? These are just a few of the primary questions C. H. Spurgeon addresses in his collection of sermons preached from Romans 9.  

Though first published as sermons in the late nineteenth century, these words of Spurgeon will help you understand what the Reformed faith teaches in regards to salvation and will present a picture from the Bible of a sovereign God who is intimately involved in the salvation of his people. Though more than a century old, here is a collection of timeless sermons from an all-important chapter of Scripture that will be sure to give you a greater appreciation for God and what he has done for you because of his profound love. This volume will certainly foster in you a greater admiration for and devotion to God Almighty.

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