The Shilling Series (Seven Books in One)

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Christians throughout the world continue to enjoy the sermons and writings of England’s greatest Baptist preacher of the nineteenth century. The “prince of preachers,” as he was affectionately called, has ministered to millions of individuals and his writings continue to be perennial bestsellers for their timeless truths that herald the good news of Jesus.

Spurgeon’s abiding meditations on Christ and his word shine through in all his writings and his love for God’s truth offers readers a look into the heart of a Victorian preacher who still ministers through his enduring words.

Spurgeon’s “The Shilling Series” was originally published over a four-year period between 1877 and 1881 in London. The series consisted of seven small works that each sold for the same price—a shilling.

Contained in this collection are each of those seven books in the original series that proclaim the gospel message of Christ Jesus:

• Book 1: Christ’s Glorious Achievements
• Book 2: Seven Wonders of Grace
• Book 3: The Spare Half-Hour
• Book 4: The Mourner’s Comforter
• Book 5: The Bible and the Newspaper
• Book 6: Eccentric Preachers
• Book 7: Be of Good Cheer

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1946971715
774 pages

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