Creation: A Critical And Devotional Commentary on Genesis 1-2
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Creation: A Critical And Devotional Commentary on Genesis 1-2

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Praise for Luther’s Commentary on Genesis: 
“It is a treasure more precious that gold, containing inestimable riches of holy thoughts, so that some have rightly judged that this is the best of all Luther’s books.” 
“One is really amazed at the almost incredible gifts of Luther to explain the holy Scriptures so critically and clearly without any great effort. He studied the greatest expounders of the Bible. He was little concerned about his words and style and dictated nothing, and the same thoughts he uttered on other occasions in different words, for he was never in want of words.”  
“It is a ‘Swan Song’ and at the same time a complete work in every respect. Not only is it a rich treasure of spiritual wisdom and learning, clothed in fine, rich language, and an accurate explanation of all the difficult passages and questions, but it has also developed in its language a special and characteristic power, which moves the soul of the reader and inspires him to true piety, fear of God, faith and other virtues.”

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