Here Am I, Send Me!: Taking the Gospel to the Indigenous Groups of South America: A Collection of Letters from the Mission Field

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For nearly four decades, Ted and Terry Crandall practically lived out the words of Jesus to “Go . . . and teach all nations” (Matt. 28:19) by living among the indigenous peoples in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil in order to share the good news of salvation for all who believe in Jesus. In this collection of letters written during the course of the Crandalls’ ministry, you will discover just how faithful God was to meet their individual needs—time and again, and without fail. This book makes a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in understanding what a missionary endures on the mission field and how deeply one must rely upon God daily for his or her basic needs.

“One of the greatest spiritual lessons I learned on the field was that the work is always God’s, not ours. At times we tend to try to push our way during a tough time and forget this is His work and He will see us through tough times in a manner that will glorify Himself if we let Him.”
—Ted Crandall

“The greatest spiritual lesson for me was that God is faithful all the time—that includes when we lost half of our financial support while on the field, when our names were on the ‘hit list’ of a rebel group, and each time we had to send a child home to the States for college.”
—Terry Crandall

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