Daily Communion With God: How to Make the Most of Each Day
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Daily Communion With God: How to Make the Most of Each Day

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Matthew Henry (1662-1714), a Nonconformist minister and author, originally delivered a series of lectures in which he taught on the importance of beginning each new day with God in solemn reflection, prayer, and Bible study. But the Puritan divine pointed out that communion with God does not stop after morning devotions. Instead, believers are to reflect upon God with each passing moment as they go throughout their day. Not content there, Henry also shows how believers are to close each day, contemplating on all that transpired throughout the day, both good and bad, with a view towards future success and continued reliance upon God. 
Henry’s book is divided into three sections, with each providing biblical support for the Christian’s responsibility to God throughout the day, as well as practical advice for being successful in the daily struggles against the flesh.

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