Spiritual Torrents
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Spiritual Torrents

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From the pen of Madame Jeanne Guyon comes this powerful, spiritual autobiography as she recounts her many trials and tribulations. Yet, in spite of the incredible pain and suffering she experienced in this life, she was well aware of God’s grace to help her endure the hardships this present world offers. Her trust in God and his workings is both profound and inspiring. Here is an intimate look at a believer who endured countless odds but kept the faith amidst deep suffering. This book will prove to be a courage to anyone who needs divine comfort from the hardships this world offers.  
Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Motte-Guyon (more commonly known as “Madame Guyon”) (1648 - 1717) lived during the time of King Louis XIV and was enraptured by worldly things for a time. Disenchanted by that lifestyle, Guyon became increasingly interested in spiritual things during her teenage years and later become a leading French mystic in a movement known as Quietism. Her beliefs were considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church, and she was imprisoned from 1695 until 1703 following the publication of her unauthorized book on Quietism, A Short and Easy Method of Prayer.

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