The Story of My Life
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The Story of My Life

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The name Helen Keller is synonymous with overcoming tremendous odds. Before her second birthday, Keller suffered an illness that left her blind and deaf. Shortly thereafter, she also became mute. But she was not about to let her handicaps prevent her from achieving great success. With the help of her inspirational teacher, Anne Sullivan, Keller overcame her early struggles and learned to speak, read, and write and even graduated with honors from Radcliffe. Her indefatigable spirit earned her a worldwide reputation, and she developed friendships with some of the leading writers and literary figures of her era.  
In this autobiographical account of her life, Keller shares her trials and experiences as she learned not only to cope with her surroundings, but thrived in spite of her physical limitations. Here is an inspirational story of courage and dedication that continues to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Read for yourself her straightforward account in this moving portrait of one woman’s victory over tremendous odds.

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