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Author Requirements

We strongly encourage manuscripts to be professionally copyedited before final submission, but we do not require it. Final manuscripts are expected to be submitted in a single Word file with the following setup:

  • 8”x11” paper size,
  • 1” margins,
  • Times New Romans font,
  • main text should be double-spaced, 
  • a single character space should follow each punctuation mark,
  • use hyphens (-) between words as required; use en dashes (–) between page numbers, Bible verses, and dates; and use em dashes (—) in main body to separate phrases where appropriate;
  • tag the level of headings within each chapter (as applicable) with an [A], [B], or [C] immediately before the heading(s) in each chapter as follows:

[A] for main-level headings,

[B] for sub-level headings,

[C] for tertiary-level headings;

  • identify which version(s) of the Bible you cited (as applicable), and
  • use footnotes (as applicable).

Manuscripts that do not meet this basic manuscript set-up will be returned to the author for correction. 

*   *   *

(Note: This section to be completed only after manuscript has been accepted for publication.)