Ichthus Publications is the general imprint that serves the church and academy for rigorous and non-academic works. The publishing focus of this imprint is broad, comprising a wide array of subject areas and target audiences, providing titles in such areas as biblical and theological studies, philosophy, apologetics, church history, devotions, classic reprints, and homeschooling. 

Areopagus Books is the academic book publishing arm of Ichthus Publications. Consistent with its Reformed and evangelical beliefs, it publishes titles that combine academic rigor with broad readability, comprising all areas of religion, theology, philosophy, and ethics. Its authors write irenically, thoughtfully, and comprehensively to foster scholarly discussion and nurture learning for serious students of the Bible.

Areopagus Books also publishes written debates on a wide range of issues relevant to the church and society today in the “Essential Christian Debates” series.

Midnight Ride Press was established in 2020 to republish classics and influential works from a conservative perspective on topics such as politics, civics, culture, economics, public policy, history, and international relations.

The name derives from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s celebrated poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride,” which tells of the courage and bravery of an American patriot who risked personal security to warn his fellow citizens of impending danger.