7 Essential Subjects For All Christians
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7 Essential Subjects For All Christians

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Universally recognized as one of America’s greatest theologians and philosophers, Jonathan Edwards was instrumental in helping to spark the Great Awakening in the eighteenth-century America. His sermons and writings, while intellectually stimulating and provocative, were also accessible to common Christians and paved the way for countless generations of Christians to discover deep truths about God. Edwards wrote passionately about a number of topics including divine sovereignty, God’s free will, and the just punishment of the wicked.  
In this collection of his sermons, you will discover Edwards’ passion for preaching hard truths on a number of vitally important subjects from divine sovereignty and prayer to excommunication and final punishment. This is a must-read for any believer who truly wants to grow in truth and knowledge, or for those who simply want to read Jonathan Edwards at his best.

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