A View from the Trenches: Recovery from Addiction as Seen Through A Christ-Centered Perspective

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Booze and drugs. It started out as fun, something you wanted to do. But now it’s something you have to do, on a daily basis, just to get through the day. You don’t much like it, because it has taken you further away than you ever expected to go and has cost you more than you ever expected to pay—jobs, relationships, money, and, perhaps, even your freedom. And that is not even to mention your pride, dignity, self-respect, and your conscience. You cannot be a good addict or alcoholic and have a conscience because they are not compatible. You live your life by two simple rules. Rule #1 in the addiction handbook states that my addiction to alcohol and/or narcotics must be fed at all costs. Rule #2 states that you never let anyone or anything get in between you and Rule #1.  
In the past you’ve tried to clean up through meetings, 30 day spin-drys, or long- term residential care and still nothing has changed. You know your behavior is self-destructive, but you feel powerless to change. Is there any hope? Prentice makes a compelling case there is hope, and he is living proof of the power of Christ-centered recovery. In this quasi-autobiographical book, he offers biblically-based solutions to those who are addicted. As Prentice asks, “How do I know this works? Because I’ve done it! How do I know this will work for you? Because when I see you, I see myself. What do you have to lose? Nothing … except your addiction.”

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
158 pages

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