Called to Cooperate: A Biblical Survey and Application of Teamwork

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This is a book you want your team to read. This is also a book your team will want you to read. Why? Because . . . 
You matter to God. And, as some would say, “Y’all matter to God.” God, in calling you to himself, has called you to teamwork. From his defining words about the bachelor Adam (it wasn’t good . . .) to the examples of Moses, David, and Paul, God has intentionally used teamwork to display his image and advance his purpose. The triune God who created all things calls Christians to healthy teamwork and community for the advancement of the gospel. We are called to cooperate. Yet, beyond a bottom-line or results-driven mentality, few Christians understand why. To our detriment, we have failed to build a theology of teamwork that navigates the how’s and why’s of what Paul called a “partnership in the gospel” (Phil. 1:5). By developing a biblical theology of teamwork we will both accomplish more as teams and deepen our enjoyment of God who calls us to teamwork. Both full-time team members and those who volunteer on teams in their spare time will increase their team participation as they discover God as the foundation of their cooperative efforts.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Going forward, I do not think I will be able to read my Bible without seeing teamwork on almost every page.”
Mike McKinley, Author of Am I Really A Christian?

“Jeff is both a theologian and a practitioner on this subject. He’s smart and practical as he presents the goodness of gospel partnership. As a successful church planter himself, he’s the right guy to remind the church that ‘teamwork’ and ‘partnership’ were not invented in the boardroom.”
Clint Clifton, North American Mission Board, Send D. C. Coordinator

“Far too many leaders tackle their tasks as lone rangers, assuming they can reach their goals on their own. That approach to leadership is draining, if not dangerous. In this book, Jeff unpacks a better approach—teamwork—from a biblical perspective. Because the spiritual battles leaders face are real and intense, it is imperative that we learn the truths in this work.”
Dr. Chuck Lawless, Dean of Graduate Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Nobodies for Jesus: 14 Days Towards a Great Commission Lifestyle

“Working together to advance the gospel is more than theory to Jeff Mingee. As a church planter, Jeff has firsthand experience of helping people to embrace their calling to cooperate for the cause of Christ. Jeff is both a learner and a leader, with a passion to see disciples made that become disciple makers.”
Dr. Brian Autry, Executive Director, Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia 

“The church should be leading the way in developing and utilizing teams. Far too often the church celebrates the unity of the Trinity while fighting for individualistic ministry needs. Jeff hasn't written a theoretical book on teams. He's written a teamwork manifesto that all church leaders should take advantage of.”
Rob Shepherd, Pastor of Next Level Church and author of Even If You Were Perfect Someone Would Crucify You

“Robust Biblical theology is the foundation for all that the church is and does. In Called To Cooperate, Jeff aptly demonstrates the implications of the gospel for partnership and teamwork among God’s people. The unity of the bride of Christ will be enhanced as leaders implement the principles found in this book.”
Matt Rogers, Pastor of The Church at Cherrydale and author of Aspire and Seven Arrows for Bible Reading

“This was uplifting, clarifying, and thought-provoking. I found myself stopping and praying about things I would like to see God do in me and my team here. I love the emphasis on the biblical worldview or theology of teamwork. Jeff offers substantial scriptural support that is effective in supporting his premise. The book would be a valuable tool in the hands of others in Christian education. Teachers could incorporate the truths in their roles as mentors to junior high and high school students.”
Lori Rogers, Principal, Calvary Classical School, Hampton, Virginia

“Jeff is spot on with his reminder of the dangers of isolation, especially as it relates to making disciples and planting churches. He rightly argues that the gospel not only unites as family, but calls us to work together for something much greater than ourselves. I highly recommend this book to anyone pastoring or planting a church.”
Micah Millican, North American Mission Board, Director of Church Planter Relations

“In Called To Cooperate, Jeff outlines the important biblical necessity for Christian teamwork. Whether in the marketplace, church leadership, or other pursuits, we all serve a God who has expressed himself to us as a cooperating God. Jeff shows us how our own internal pursuits of teamwork and cooperation are a holy task. This is a great work for anyone who seeks to lead using this biblical model.”
Rev. Chad Brooks, Pastor of Foundry and Host of “The Productive Pastor” Podcast

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