Calvinism: Six Stone Lectures
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Calvinism: Six Stone Lectures

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Originally delivered as a series of six lectures at Princeton seminary in 1898, Calvinism explores the religious system of the Protestant Reformation and how it impacts every facet of life. Calvinism as a theological system, according to Kuyper, is the only and best defense against “the storm of Modernism has now arisen with violent intensity.”

In these lectures, Kuyper argues brilliantly and persuasively that Calvinism is the only “decisive, lawful, and consistent defense for Protestant nations against encroaching, and overwhelming Modernism. To that end, Kuyper offers six lectures that encompass all aspects of life, including:

(1) Calvinism: A Life System;
(2) Calvinism and Religion;
(3) Calvinism and Politics;
(4) Calvinism and Science;
(5) Calvinism and Art;
(6) Calvinism and the Future.

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