Carry My Tears: A Myth (Book 1)

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Miranda is exiled from her home in Vanitas, a community where love and hate are illegal and family units do not exist. She must make her perilous way to the home place of her ancestors, and a mysterious companion volunteers to accompany her. Her companion, who is never called by name and who seems to know all about Miranda, leads her to a meadow and along a river as they make their way to Home Place. But Miranda quickly discovers she must make one agonizing choice after another and live with the consequences of those decisions . . .

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Carry My Tears To Shiloh (Book 2)

Carry My Tears Isaiah Speaks (Book 3)

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5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1946971067
176 pages 

Endorsements & Reviews

“Beverly Green is an outstanding teacher and budding author. Carry My Tears, her first work, will bring joy to your heart and your soul.”
Ron Short, Author of Mission Possible

“This book was one that I could not put down until I had finished it. It was inspirational to me in that the love of Christ is presented throughout the book. His love is what saves us and carries us through! I want my grandchildren to read it too!”
Rosemary Cook Davis, Teacher/Missionary to Spain and Morocco

“Beverly beautifully invites you into the heart of Miranda, a young woman called beyond the walls of her protected existence into a life of sacrifice she never imagined. Written humbly and with tremendous impact, Carry My Tears draws you in completely until you are not only a part of Miranda’s journey—you experience her purpose. Christ’s message of love and forgiveness in the character of Companion clearly calls. Die to self. Forgive. Every man thirsts for Christ’s living water—even if he does not know it. Just as Miranda, you will long to carry His tears. Read expecting to experience His love.”
Lynn Lacher, Author of Form Me, Fire Me, Fill Me

“Excellent: moving, both encouraging and poignant at the same time, both challenging and uplifting.”
Joel Hawbaker, History/Bible Teacher, Westbrook Christian School

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