Carry My Tears To Shiloh (Book 2)

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Big Bear Mountain in the state of Tennessee is an ideal place to live, especially when surrounded by a loving, supportive family. Brothers Caleb and Jacob Maghee and a runaway slave named Jobie share the bond of growing up there on the farm. When the tempest of the Civil War reaches their home, their boyhood ties are strained to the breaking point and they are pulled in different directions. It is only by the guidance of a mysterious green-eyed stranger who weaves in and out of their lives that the three young men find themselves back together to meet their destinies on a battleground called Shiloh.

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Carry My Tears: A Myth (Book 1)

Carry My Tears Isaiah Speaks (Book 3)

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5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1946971432
188 pages 

Endorsements & Reviews

“To the same religious and narrative passion as Carry My Tears, Beverly Green adds in this new book historical detail, deeply felt characters, and a powerful invocation of a living landscape. This story follows the struggles and fortunes of two brothers who end up as soldiers on opposite sides of the battlefield during the American Civil War, but who remain on the same side in their search for spiritual righteousness.”
Edward S. Louis, author of The Monster Specialist and Wiskalo Chookalo

“Even better than the original! Carry My Tears To Shiloh is a wonderful, engaging, emotionally moving tale of love and loss, sorrow and hope.”
Joel W. Hawbaker, author of Inverted Leadership

“. . . This Civil War era tale will minister to you because it is not just a story of a war and days gone by, but a reminder of a loving God who forgives, redeems and restores. . . . I found Carry My Tears to Shiloh to be a wonderful, refreshing and warm read.”
Jeff Moore, Teacher and Pastor, Redlands Christian School

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