Divorce Reconsidered: Biblical Hope for Hurting Hearts
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Divorce Reconsidered: Biblical Hope for Hurting Hearts

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Legally, divorce is the dissolving of a marriage. Emotionally, divorce can be devastating. Spiritually, divorce provides the basis for a raging controversy within Christendom, primarily because of the question of what constitutes a biblical marriage or remarriage if a divorced person is involved in the process.  
Some believe that Jesus taught that people can only marry a divorced person or be remarried after a divorce if adultery was the basis for the dissolution of the marriage and the self was not the offending party. Others would allow a marriage or remarriage if desertion has taken place.  
What is often forgotten in the debate is that divorce is ultimately a divine idea in the sense that God, knowing the hardness of the human heart, allowed Moses to incorporate divorce proceedings as part of the Law. What Moses allowed and what Christ said about divorce are the subjects of this work by Stanford E. Murrell, a pastor and counselor of over thirty years.

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