Great Sermons of the Puritan Era: With Biographical Introductions
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Great Sermons of the Puritan Era: With Biographical Introductions

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Here is an attempt on the part of the editor to collect into one convenient volume a number of the best sermons of the Puritan era. It is a partial record of the sermons of men eminent for their piety and famous for their learning and has been prepared for those who desire to cultivate a closer acquaintance with the great preachers of former generations.  
This is an introduction to the greatest preachers of the seventeenth century and will help you get a greater appreciation for a former era, all the while helping you get a deeper sense of the grandeur of God.

Collection includes:

(1) “The Activity of Faith; or, Abraham’s Imitators” — A Sermon by Thomas Hooker (1586–1647)

(2) “Christ’s Advent to Judgment” — A Sermon by Jeremy Taylor (1613–1667)

(3) “Making Light of Christ and Salvation” — A Sermon by Richard Baxter (1615–1691)

(4) “The Funeral Sermon on the Death of the Grande Condé” — A Sermon by Jacques-Benigne Bousset (1627–1704)

(5) “The Heavenly Footman” — A Sermon by John Bunyan (1628–1688)

(6) “The Reasonableness of a Resurrection” — A Sermon by John Tillotson (1630–1694)

(7) “The Passion of the Christ” — A Sermon by Louis Bourdaloue (1632–1704)

(8) “The Redeemer’s Tears over Lost Souls” — A Sermon by John Howe (1630–1705)

(9) “The Saints Converse with God” — A Sermon by Francois Fenelon (1651–1715)

(10) “The Image of God in Man” — A Sermon by Robert South (1638–1716) 

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