Is Jesus Human and Not Divine? (Essential Christian Debates)

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“Who do you say that I am?”

Jesus of Nazareth long ago asked his disciples this crucial question, and it remains a relevant one every person must answer today. In this essential debate on an all-important topic, two contributors offer competing views on who Jesus is.

Combining first-rate Christian scholarship with uncommon readability, this debate offers a treasure trove of biblical, philosophical, and patristic arguments regarding the person of Jesus. Reading this book will challenge you intellectually and nourish you spiritually, deepening your understanding of the most intriguing man who has ever lived. Be prepared to be informed.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“We live in an age of unserious debates about unserious issues—even worse, unserious debates about serious issues. This book presents a refreshing exception: a serious debate about a supremely serious issue. What question could be more important than the true identity of Jesus Christ? If the Nicene Creed has it right—if Jesus is indeed ‘very God of very God . . . who, for us men and for our salvation, came down and was incarnate and was made man’—nothing could have greater import for our lives and eternal destinies. Yet too few people today are willing to engage in a careful study of what the New Testament actually says about Jesus. The opponents in this written debate are smart and well-informed, one defending the majority report and the other strongly dissenting. Neither pulls his punches, yet the exchanges are respectful, informative, and focused on the arguments. Those who seek rhetorical theatrics will have to look elsewhere. I suspect few minds will be changed by this book—such is the nature of debates where so much is at stake. Even so, readers will be prompted to think more responsibly about their theological convictions and their reasons for holding them, and that is enough to declare ‘mission accomplished.’”
James N. Anderson, Carl W. McMurray Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“Dale Tuggy and Chris Date’s vigorous debate over whether Jesus is both human and divine includes meaty, informed discussions of New Testament interpretation, patristic Christology, and both theological and philosophical issues. Both scholars ably represent their respective positions of Unitarianism and Trinitarianism. Regardless of your own view, prepare to be challenged and stretched.”
Robert M. Bowman Jr., President, Faith Thinkers, Co-author of Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ

“This book displays beautifully the range of reasoning that can be brought to bear in order to fully grasp the central orthodox doctrines of the church. I love the use of logical argument in philosophical theology. And of course I especially enjoy good arguments. You’ll find many here, on at least one side of the debate. I believe this exchange will be revelatory to readers who want to think hard about this issue for the first time, and will also engage those who know it very well. Dale Tuggy from the outset represents those who can’t get over a certain metaphysical queasiness in attributing literal deity to the person of Christ, and search hard for reasons to avoid swallowing such a claim. Chris Date does an excellent job of representing those who have no such ontological allergies or infirmities, and who seek straightforwardly to explain and defend their conviction in the divinity of Christ. I think he does a fine job of using rational argument well and in an exemplary fashion. You won’t find so much scriptural, patristic, and philosophical argument in many places and so well articulated. I highly recommend this book!”
Thomas V. Morris, Author of The Logic of God Incarnate and Our Idea of God

“There are two levels at which you can read this book. At the first level, because Dale Tuggy and Chris Date are well-prepared advocates of their sharply contrasting positions, the book works as the document of a good debate with plenty of clarifying clash. At the second level, because Tuggy and Date are both very active online and make reference to a range of blog posts and podcasts, the book works as a clearing house or index of the best sort of arguments scattered across the internet. The result is a reading experience well worth your time.”
Fred Sanders, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University

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