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Obedience: The Path to Eternal Life

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The Father in heaven asks, and requires, and actually expects, that every child of His yield Him whole-hearted and entire obedience, day by day, and all the day. 
The very entrance into eternal life demands the vow of absolute obedience, or the surrender of the whole being, to be, think, speak, do, every moment, nothing but what is according to the will of God, and well-pleasing to Him. 
To enable His child to do this, He has made a most abundant and altogether sufficient provision in the promise of the New Covenant, and in the gift of His Son and Spirit. 
Discover how you can, with the power of the Holy Spirit, fulfill God’s command for obedience and gain that all-important access into the kingdom of heaven.

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5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
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ISBN: 978-1519758569
104 pages

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