The Artist In Me: An Incredible and Hilarious Journey with America’s Premier Christian Ballet Company

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Behind the leaping, spinning, lifting, hard work, and discipline of ballet dancers is an untold story of what happens between ballet performances. In this behind-the-scenes look at America's first, professional Christian ballet company, Tim Dryden reveals some of his most memorable experiences while working as the first Tour Director for Ballet Magnificat. In this quasi-autobiographical account, he relates how God is actively working in his world, orchestrating the events in our lives for his glory. Tim reveres and honors God as the Author of life and the one who saves those who trust in him; he is also the God of humor and creativity. This shines through when you read about all the hilarious and extraordinary things that God does for his children.

With his trademark insights, energy, and love for telling a funny story, Tim offers biblical truths about the all-powerful Artist of the universe through the retelling of stories that will be sure to amaze, inspire, and make you laugh. And, with this book, you will certainly enjoy God more as you see first-hand his amazing interaction with his creation and the way in which he works out all things for good.

Read a sample here.

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-0692495469
176 pages

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