The Cost of Caring: 5 Strategies for Overcoming Stress and Fatigue

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Those who are involved in acts of ministry and compassion are no less susceptible to fatigue and stress than anyone else. The reality is spiritual leaders oftentimes suffer the negative affects of compassion fatigue due to trauma events. Although pastoral care and counseling is an effective instrument by which churches stay relevant to changing human needs in a shifting society, pastors and caregivers have grown susceptible to compassion fatigue.  
The research contained in this book is the result of data collected from 100 spiritual leaders, which was constructed around four hypotheses related to self-care after a trauma event: psychological, emotional, physiological and theological. The Cost of Caring provides five strategies for protective factors to improve future self-care programs. This is a must-read for any spiritual leader who has ever felt fatigue or stress.

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130 pages

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