The Kingdom of Heaven

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What will heaven be like?  
In his small work on the subject of the eternal home, Puritan theologian Thomas Boston explains how heaven will be an endless Sabbath. The saints, Boston explains, “will have an eternal rest, with an uninterrupted joy: for heaven is not a resting place, where men may sleep out an eternity (there they rest not day nor night) but their work is their rest and continual recreation, and toil and weariness have no place there. They rest there in God, who is the center of their souls. Here they find the complement, or satisfaction of all their desires; having the full enjoyment of God, and uninterrupted communion with him. This is the point unto the which, till the soul come, it will always be restless: but that point reached, it rests; for he is the last end, and the soul can go no farther. It cannot understand, will not desire more, but in him it has what is commensurable to its boundless desires. This is the happy end of all the labors of the saints; their toil and sorrows issue in a joyful rest.” 
Do you desire that rest? Do you long to be with your maker? If so, follow close to Christ, as he is offered to you in the gospel, and you shall inherit all things. Walk in the way of holiness, and it will lead you to the kingdom. Fight against sin and Satan, and you shall receive the crown. Forsake the world, and the doors of heaven will be open to receive you.

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5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1519199447
74 pages

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