The Lick Skillet Coffee Club: A Novel
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The Lick Skillet Coffee Club: A Novel

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With Southern ambiance and suspense, The Lick Skillet Coffee Club draws you into the hearts of its characters and how they are changed by the power of forgiveness. The recent death of one of the Coffee Club members precipitates a need for several individuals to resolve wounds of the past. They discover in the death of their friend, an event which moves them toward healing. This book will inspire you to believe that there is no moral failure that God cannot redeem and use for His good purpose.

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN: 978-1-946971-21-0
290 pages


Endorsements & Reviews

“On the surface, The Lick Skillet Coffee Club is made up of a group of men who meet at the local drugstore for coffee, companionship, and gossip. But in this compelling debut novel by Lynn Lacher, much more lies beneath the surface. As events unfold around the death of one of its prominent members, the Coffee Club becomes the center of intrigue, infidelity, unexplained losses, and unrequited love. Hidden passions arise, new loves are kindled, and old scores beg to be settled. Ultimately, bitterness, hostility, and deceit come up against love and forgiveness in the age-old struggle between sin and repentance. This faith-based story is one that will linger with you long after you close the final page!”
Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife

“In The Lick Skillet Coffee Club, Lynn Lacher has introduced a refreshingly honest line-up of believable characters who are faced with troubles, heart-aches, and difficult decisions that impact others in their small, home-town circle. It is a mystery incited by the death of an old man, braided into the workings of a small Alabama town, the relationships of family and friends, and (without being “preachy”) the inspiration of God who redeems and restores those whose hope is in Him. I read with nostalgia for my ‘sweet home’.”
Beverly R. Green, author of Carry My Tears: A Myth

“I was captivated by the mystery woven throughout The Lick Skillet Coffee Club. The plot drew me into the complexity of each relationship. Entangled lives of secrecy result in bondages of bitterness. The citizens of Lick Skillet discover the death of their friend, Silas, to be the catalyst to bring them to forgiveness and freedom. The body of Christ needs the truths powerfully expressed in the pages of this novel, as does the unbeliever who lives and works beside us. We are all in critical need of receiving and giving the forgiveness of Jesus.”
Paula W. White

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