The Suffering Savior: The Essential Teaching of Isaiah 53
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The Suffering Savior: The Essential Teaching of Isaiah 53

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What men did to Jesus was shameful. In the days of His humiliation men despised the Messiah and rejected Him. Men hid their faces in His presence and refused to properly honor Him. He was oppressed, and He was afflicted. On the Cross the whole universe—the angels in heaven, the demons in the underworld, and the mass of humanity—witnessed what sinful men did to Jesus.  
In this series of sermons the essential teaching of Isaiah 53 is set forth by looking at what men did to Christ, by looking at what the Father gave to His Son, and by looking at what the Son did for His people. All in all, there was satisfaction. And because of this reality, the gospel message, the good news that must never be forgotten is that there is a Substitute for sinners in the Person of the suffering Savior.

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